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High Risk and Special Insurance

Air Capital Insurance offers a wide variety of insurance for all types of aircraft events and uses.  There are some instances that you will need specialty insurance to cover your aircraft or event.  One of the most notable events that we insure is the Reno Air Races.  This spectacle is extremely risky for not only the planes and there pilots, but for the thousands of spectators and property at the airport.  Air Capital Insurance specializes in these special contacts for high risk events.

Other high risk operations we cover are owners of aerobatic airshows.  Aerobatic teams not only put themselves in some extremely high risk situations due to their flying, but are generally doing so in front of a large crowd.  We have been able to help not only the aerobatic airshows, but Air Capital Insurance can also cover sport parachuting.   So no matter whether you perform or just jump for pleasure let us try to build a policy for you.

In the United States aircraft and helicopters use for sightseeing is growing, and we see that is a growing market that needs special coverage’s.  The liability for these aircraft can be difficult not only because of the transport of passenger, but generally sightseeing involves being in difficult terrain and areas.  These kind of coverage’s are also good for aerial photographers, which involve working in a more dangerous environment.  Please contact Air Capital Insurance for all of your specialty aircraft insurance needs!
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