The One Stop Shop Aviation Insurance Company

General Aviation

Air Capital Insurance is a one stop shop for all your General Aviation insurance needs.  Our General Aviation Department offers competitive insurance pricing on a wide array of privately owned aircraft.  Whether you are in the market for a Cessna 172, a collector with the  P-51 mustang, or like the luxury of a  Beech King Air our staff will work to get you the best insurance coverage for the best price.

Lightsport aircraft/glider

As a pilot there are aspects that you are looking for when trying to buy insurance. It might be a flexible open pilot warranty, special liability limits, or certain type of medical coverage. Air Capital Insurance understands that the market is highly competitive in the light sport aircraft, and we can design a policy that best fits your needs, and your budget.  

Experimental Aircraft

Do you have an Experimental aircraft, or are you looking to acquire one? Air Capital Insurance can help you find the policy needed to properly insure your Experimental aircraft. There can be some major differences between a home built and manufactured experimental aircraft. Does your coverage protect you during your 40 hour fly off period? Does your current insurance provide hull coverage during this time?  Are you a EAA member, and are you receiving a discount for being so? These are important questions that we will help you with to protecting your investment, your assets, and most importantly get you the best price possible!


Air Capital Insurance knows warbirds! We can cover anything from a T-34 up to a B-29! We currently insure the Commemorative Air Force which is one of the largest collections of flying warbirds in the world. The liability Insurance of a warbird is very important. Flying with guest and around large groups of people at airshows can catastrophic if an accident occurs. Let us get you the proper coverage needed to protect you and your flying piece of history.

Single Engine Piston

Air Capital Insurance is known for its warbird and specialty aircraft insurance, but we are extremely competitive in basic single engine aircraft insurance.  We will help design a policy that truly fits your needs.  Whether you need and flexible open pilot warranty, special coverage endorsements, or higher liability we are the insurance broker for you. Being aggressive in the small aircraft market is extremely important to pilots and owners. For example did you know there are discounts available for AOPA members? Let our general aviation depart help you discover ways to save money such as correct coverage, up to date pilot information, and discounts.

Twin engine piston/turbine

Larger airplanes with multiple engines are a huge investment for the individual or a company.  It is important to be sure that you are covered not only for the hull value of your aircraft, but your assets that could be lost due to a law suit. Correct coverage and being competitive are imperative by offering a policy that fits your needs. Maybe you need a high liability, or you can lower your premium by changing your deductibles.  Air Capital insurance specializes in helping you find the correct coverage, and provides highly competitive pricing for transition pilots, and older twin aircraft like Beech King Air’s.
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